Early Management of Spinal Cord Injury: WFNS Spine Committee Recommendations

Early Management of Spinal Cord Injury: WFNS Spine Committee Recommendations

Soriano Sánchez, José Antonio , Salman Sharif, Francesco Costa, Jose Alberto Israel
Romero Rangel, Carla Daniela Anania, and Mehmet Zileli. 2020. Neurospine

Scientific knowledge today is being generated more rapidly than we can assimilate thus requiring continuous review of gold-standards for diagnosis and treatment of specific pathologies. The aim of this paper is to provide an update on the best early management of spinal cord injury (SCI), in order to produce acceptable worldwide recommendations to standardize clinical practice as much as possible.The WFNS Spine Committee voted recommendations regarding management of SCI based on literature review of the last 10 years. The committee stated 9 recommendations on 3 main topics: (1) clinical assessment and classification of SCI; (2) emergency care and early management; (3) cardiopulmonary management. American Spinal Injury Association impairment scale, Spinal Cord Independence Measure, and International Spinal Cord Injury Basic Pain Data Set are considered the most useful and feasible in emergency evaluation and follow-up in case of SCI. Magnetic resonance imaging is the most indicated examination to evaluate patients with symptomatic SCI. In early phase, correction of hypotension (systolic blood pressure < 90 mmHg), and bradycardia are strongly recommended. Surgical decompression should be performed as soon as possible with the ideal surgical time being within 8 hours for both complete and incomplete lesions.

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